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What is Trauma?
It's probably not what you think...

Trauma can have a significant impact on one's mental health and well-being.  It can take many forms and impact individuals in different ways. Trauma may result from past events, including those experienced during childhood, that have disrupted one's sense of safety and wellbeing.

Often times, my client's are surprised to learn that they've experienced trauma, especially if they believe that they had a pretty good upbringing. However, it's important to recognize that unmet needs (including emotional needs) can contribute to the development of mental health problems including depression, anxiety, and PTSD.


There are two types of trauma I like to refer to.  Most people will recognize "Big T" trauma, such as physical or sexual abuse. However, "Little t" trauma, such as emotional neglect, can also be very impactful.  Little t trauma can manifest as unmet needs or experiences that didn't happen (like having an emotionally absent parent or a parent that was overly involved and relied on you to meet their emotional needs).  Often times people don't realize that their choices and behaviors within the context of their relationships can be traced back to this type of trauma, which is sometimes referred to as complex or relational trauma.


At Emerge, we use a range of therapeutic approaches, including art therapy and EMDR, to support you in healing from trauma and reclaiming your life.  We're here to help you understand trauma and take steps towards healing.

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