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About Jenn

Hello!  I'm Jenn...

I am a Mental Health Counseling Intern, completing my last requirements for my degree from Penn West University.  I’ve made my way to Beaufort after living in Pennsylvania, Texas, and Georgia. 


Before starting my graduate degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, I worked as a critical care nurse for the past 13 years (and still do!), as well as biopsychosocial research on stress, sleep, risky behaviors, and sexual health for 5 years.  I found my way to mental health the way that many people do- and maybe how you did, too: by realizing its importance in the overall experience of life and health.  For me, life is worth living and experiencing, and my highest goals include finding ways to be present with my surroundings and in my relationships, and to find little moments of peace and joy.  


For me, therapy is a first and foremost relationship between myself and a client.  The focus is you, what you bring into the therapy room, your emotions, your lived experiences, and your hopes, fears, needs, desires, and wish for a different experience in life.  I’ve always liked to listen and observe the world around me, and I like to bring that side of me into the therapy room with you.  I welcome clients from all walks of life and offer support, meeting you where you are now- even if we’re working toward a new goal or phase of life.  


If you’re finding yourself stuck, wondering which patterns have led you to this point, wondering how to get to the “something” or “anything” that is better than now, or if you’re tired of wondering if you’re the problem or everyone and everything around you is the problem… come in, let’s talk.  If you’ve recently been diagnosed with an illness or a family member is… come in, let’s talk.  If you’ve experienced trauma from relationships, family, friends, or work environments… or if you’re still reeling from the secondary and tertiary trauma of the past few years of working in a healthcare setting… come in, let’s talk.  I’ll listen.  We can work through it together.  


Contact me to schedule a free 15-minute consultation or schedule your first appointment.




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