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First Responders

Let’s face it.  You’d hoped to never get to this point.  You’re strong, hard-working, and deeply caring for others.  Why else would you choose the profession you did?  But little did you know, this job came with a very high price.


When my FR’s first come in, it's usually because a friend, partner, coworker, chief, or member of the F.A.S.T. team talked them into it.  They’re not usually ones to ask for help.  You're supposed to be able to handle everything, right?


Maybe you responded to a bad call.  You can't stop it from replaying through your head and keep thinking of what you could’ve done differently to change the outcome.  You feel helpless and inadequate.  And as hard as you try you can’t keep those thoughts and feelings from rushing back over and over again.  When will it ever end?


Maybe you came to a scene where there was nothing you could do.  The mechanism of injury was too severe or they were already gone.  Maybe it reminded you of someone you know and care about.  In some cases, maybe it WAS one of your loved ones.  And now you can’t think about it without re-living the experience. 


You do everything in your power to avoid thinking about it, talking about it, or literally anything that reminds you of what happened.


Sometimes it’s not just one call but an accumulation of everything.  From the stresses on the job to the stresses at home, the lack of support from others, the lack of financial resources, and even the insanity that you see in the world.  Everything feels like it’s all crashing down at once.  You just want to run away and leave everything behind.  But there are too many people who rely on you.


Maybe it is time that you lean on someone else for once in your life.  That’s where I come in.


If you’re brave enough to do your job, then you’re brave enough to deal with what happened.  Together, we will put the past where it belongs so that you can move forward with your life knowing your limits and feeling good about yourself, even if you can't help everyone.

I help first responders to overcome their pasts without losing their jobs or appearing weak.

If you have experienced difficulties at work or in your personal life as a First Responder, you may qualify for services at no cost to you.  Contact me to get started.

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