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Commissioned Pet Portraits

Preserve the Love Forever in Art: Keep the spirit of your beloved pet alive with a hand-painted pet portrait by Ashton Sullivan.  Click the button below to watch the reaction of a 

Commissioned Pet Portraits

Our Custom Pet Portraits are the perfect way to immortalize and capture the unique personality and spirit of your beloved furry friend.  Each portrait is hand-painted by our talented Artist and Art Therapist, Ashton Sullivan, who ensures that every detail of your pet is captured perfectly. And for those who want to keep their pet close even after they've passed, our memorial pet portraits can include cremains mixed into the paint, creating a truly unique and special tribute. Don't settle for a generic pet portrait – let us create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that celebrates your pet's life and legacy.

Please read before purchasing!

There is a non-refundable 50% deposit for a commissioned painting.  Please select a few of your favorite pictures and either attach them to the Order Form or email them to with any special requests or ideas you might have.  We will work together to assess if my style is a match for your vision.  I want to make sure that I am able to create a piece of art that you love and treasure forever!

Commission Process:

Step 1: 

Submit the online order form below.  If you aren't sure what you want yet, don't worry!  This is just a rough idea for getting started.

Step 2:

I will reach out to chat with you about your vision and answer any questions you may have.  Typically we will decide on a picture that best capture's your pet's unique personality and determine any alterations (such as in style, color, background) that may be needed.

Step 3: 

You choose your medium and size, and if you are using cremains then we will determine the amount needed for the painting which you will mail in the next step.  I will give you a final cost and estimate of the time it will take to complete based on the size, media, and complexity.   

Here is a rough estimate of prices based on various sizes:

5x7" - $160

8x8" - $285

9x12" / 10x10" - $465

11x14" / 12x12" - $660

16x20" - $1,350

18x24" - $1,800

20x20" - $1,675

24x24" - $ 2,400

Step 4: 

I will collect the 50% non-refundable deposit via your preferred payment method. The deposit covers supplies and labor to create your piece. 

Step 5:

If we are incorporating cremains into the piece, you will mail them to the address below:

Ashton Sullivan

PO Box 788

Port Royal, SC 29935

Step 6:

I get to work! I'll send you photos of an initial sketch and color palette so that you can provide feedback.  You'll receive two more updates - at the halfway point and when the painting is nearing completion. You'll be able to provide feedback here, ask questions, and suggest minor updates. Commissions typically take 4-6 weeks to complete. I will let you know if your request is likely to take longer. This does not include the time to ship. 

Step 7:

Once you are completely happy with your artwork, I will send an invoice via email for the remaining 50% + shipping costs for larger artwork or international shipping. 


Step 8:

After the final invoice is paid, I will varnish your artwork to protect it for a nice long life! Then I will carefully package and ship your painting! You will receive tracking information once it is shipped. Some extra large paintings may need to ship un-stretched and rolled, especially if they are heading outside the US. 


You can cancel your request up until you accept the proposal and pay the deposit. You cannot cancel or return your commissioned artwork after I have started working on the piece.​


I regularly ship across the United States, and occasionally worldwide. If you’d like a shipping quote for your specific location just drop me a line with your location and I’d be happy to get you the specifics.

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